Spirit God!

"When was the last time you updated your blog?"
"Umm, maybe a month back..no, I guess two months...why?"
"Why are you so irregular?"
"Umm, you see I have to really inspire my creative juices to put down something readable, which happens to be quite an effort..."
"...I am listening"
"...and of late I am suffering from a writer's block!"
"Girl, you never cease to amaze me at the length you go to defend your sheer laziness"

Thus went the conversation, which was intended to be a kick to my lethargy by this well meaning friend... Was he successful? Of course not, that would be so not me. Am typing this post about 20 days after I had the above conversation! So, I win. (am grinning ear to ear in my sadistic pleasure). But what really triggered my sudden spark? Ah, well one passion which really never tires me...CARS!

I began really modest you see, as a kid any bright cute looking car could distract me from the greatest pleasure of my life (or as the observers would like to put it). I loved my hot wheels more than the boys could ever do and every time I visited Kolkata, I would tell my cousin that the cab I took to his place was no match to my own little miniature yellow Ambi. With age my ambitions grew, and so did the size of my dream cars, till the day I got to know the existence of a beauty called limousine! I checked the length of the car and then grabbed my measuring tape to measure our driveway, till my brother gently reminded me that in our town we don't have roads wide enough for the car to take a turn. Heartbroken, I went back to my den, only to jump back towards more hot pursuits!

So, coming back to the trigger of this post - today as I was trying hard to look the 'ah so smart executive', in my crisp grey suit and shiny black ballerinas, a 'Ghost' took my breath away! After a successful meeting with a bunch of much older guys, whom I managed to impress upon as a no nonsense professional (never miss any compliment thrown at me ;), I was smartly walking across the office lobby towards the exit, with my nose in an elevated mode of pride. And then my eyes settled on the porch where the dashing handsome Ghost had parked itself. All my so called poise and aloofness just evaporated in seconds, the same way as water evaporates from a hot plate. My mouth fell open, eyes got dilated towards the surroundings and my feet suddenly developed a mind of their own...then suddenly I found myself being quickly collected in mid air by an elderly gentleman who looked as astonished as someone seeing an alien! 

In my fascination to immerse every detail of the Rolls Royce beauty, I had completely overlooked the glass door restricting my passage out to the porch. I had banged my nose on the glass and the impact accounted to my reverse mid air swing and the kind man's heroic rescue! Still dazed, I quickly straightened myself up and looked back...the Chauffeur had opened the door and was waiting for the owner to grace his presence. Enters the scene a hideous (pardon my bias, but I have no other words to describe my disgust) looking oldie, pinking his ears. I could feel my heart twisting inside me on the injustice. And then the dream machine drove away, leaving a divine emptiness around me.

"Mohua, are you ok? You look unwell!" asked my concerned savior. I slowly turned my attention towards him and realized I had just fallen into the arms of one big shot in the company whom I had been chasing for sometime for getting some necessary approvals, and who had not been sparing a single minute! For a second I was cursing the moment I fell into the spell of the 'Ghost', for by now I realised I had made a fool of myself in front of the people I couldn't afford to...soon to realise however that this was God's larger game plan, as the gentleman was now leading me to his room for he thought I was seriously hurt! 

At the end, it was a perfect win win situation. My insane passion somewhere helped me in my professional life, however dramatic it may have been. Mr. Savior not only spared his precious time fussing over me, but also cleared my work backlog! Not to mention the brownie points I earned in front of my boss :D

Dear Rolls Royce Ghost...as royal as you look, you surely were a majestic treat to me!

...and am back to my weird pursuits :)