First Post

While reading a book on Delhi few days ago, I came across a phrase which so aptly describes Gurgaon - "...a quasi-American suburb in which civic planning plays second fiddle to corporate whims". Perfect! Nothing could describe this concrete jungle better, where daily existence is defined by spending the day in those cold glass paneled offices and the evenings hunting through the dense shrubs of glitzy malls, all offering the same products through almost clone-ish display windows. And this is my abode. This is the place where I have spent last two years of my existence on this earth.

I have never been great at penning the frenzied state of my puny head (very unlike my best buddy who is a fantastic writer!), but have usually managed to fill in certain scraps of paper. However, once into my job (which to my misfortune requires enormous amount of writing and writing and writing), I have often had this urge to put into words my thoughts, and not what the bosses want, but have always usually abandoned the idea, kneeling down to my greater sense of acute laziness. But of late, the crazy neurons in my head have just spiraled out of their usual orbit and this has forced me to put them to words in a place where I would not be able to crumple the sheet and throw it in the bin. So blog was the place... and here I am! (Plus I guess the environmental consciousness played up here, saving the poor bits of paper :))

Now what is the connection between the first para and the second? Well, if I needed to write, I needed something to begin with. So when I came across the Gurgaon phrase, wham sparked my neurons...this is it, let this be the beginning, let the place of my current residence be the theme around which I could weave my words... And here I am, typing my first post, and for once not suffering the 'pre-writer's block' (all pun intended!) and have already managed to type in a substantial length! Ah, proud I am of my first feat. Now that the ignition is on, I hope I will soon reach the top gear and zoom ahead seamlessly at supersonic speed! Happy writing to me :)


  1. Dear Suman Ghosh and Ritabrata Saha, we bid goodbye to you both. We hope you will always cherish the good times we spent together and remember Soma and myself with all kindness.And will respect our decision with the spirit that in matters of heart, nothing else matters!

  2. I have a suggestion. If both of them find it difficult to cope with the enormous gap we would leave behind (greater in my case by virtue of sheer volume), they might seek consolation in each others’ company.

  3. Excellent thought! I fully endorse the idea..Another example how much we care :))