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Note: I had written this for an internal event at my company. The write-up, written in form of an press release was a huge hit then. Sharing it (after suitably masking my employer and boss's names) on my blog here, as the first step to revive this dead page. Hope going forward I would not be as lazy and shall write fresh posts regularly :)

MM Inc. Corporate Communication launches a never before offer of – a sneak peek into the mysterious world of PR!
  • Who we are?  
  • What we do?
  • How we do it?
New Delhi, June 21, 2011: MM Inc., a leading global cartoon company, today announced the launch of once in a life time offer – rendezvous with the mavericks handling the mysterious function of public relations. Surely these men and women posses’ secret super powers to be handling the second most stressful job in the world with such √©lan!

Corporate Communication encompasses the universe…err handling the within, the without and the beyond could easily be called so! So External Public Relations (without), Internal Communication (within) and Online Reputation Management (ORM) form the whole gamut of roles these professionals easily change into, with chameleon speed.

Speaking on the intricacies of a job which she handles and oversees with her acute controlling powers - a la Professor Xavier - Daisy Duck, Head Corporate Communication at MM Inc. says “It is our role of weave the web of positive image of the company both in the minds of consumers and employees. We touch everyone’s lives, some see it, others merely feel it. But we are there, quietly maneuvering the energies of the cosmos to deliver what you experience as the MM Inc brand promise!”

As she wields her wand of illusion to ensure the ‘well feeling’ of the masses (read MM Inc. population), her team of superheroes, proudly united under the banner of ‘D Company’, follow their joint mission to make the world get a better MM experience. With each one possessing a unique cosmic power, they reach out to the stakeholders present in any physical or virtual space, and evaporate in thin air as soon as the job is done...something akin to the Shadow Cat!
With the flexibility of a the Elastic Girl and the agility of Batman, the Corp Comm professionals slip in and out of various avatars seamlessly. So one day you might find them helping you organize an event like a skilled event manager, the next day they would be busy filing a story with a newspaper, with the same thorough analysis of a journalist. On one hand they would be firefighting social activist, on the other designing interesting mailers for all.
The team has its web spread across the continent. Any corner you need any communication help – they are there! Trust the supersonic age for their lightening presence, or is it teleporting? Only the Superheroes have the answer.
So go ahead, seek all you want and you shall get instant solutions!


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